26/06/2014 13:49

Welcome to Green Fair Trade

Green Fair Trade & Production Company Limited supports trade and investment in agriculture. We are committed to ethical trading through partnerships that deliver high quality products and create real and fair benefits for farmers.

 Our business goal will be met when producers enjoy benefits from ethical trading in the form of rising and sustainable incomes. Consumers, in turn, will enjoy the delights of distinctive, high quality products supplied to them through fair trade arrangements.

 We believe that trade can drive poverty reduction and promote sustainable livelihoods. But these benefits will only come through an equitable trading system. We connect Vietnamese farmers with ethnical trading partners and support producers to improve their livelihoods by secure their access to markets under fair trade conditions. People must be empowered and organized to take more control over their work and resources.


  1. Facilitate the export of certified agricultural products from Vietnam, including coffee, tea, cashew and macadamia nuts, pepper, fruits and rice.
  2. Facilitate trade promotion, trade opportunities and market development through business-to-business (B2B) platforms.
  3. Facilitate the know-how transfer on production and processing of all types of Vietnamese agricultural products.
  4. Provide technical support in establishment and management of social entrepreneurship and value chains for cooperatives of farmers and small producer groups in Vietnam.


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