GreenFair provides pure tea products which have been certified by the Fairtrade International. We always follow the core principles of Fairtrade, including: Ensuring that producers obtain minimum prices based on fair market prices; Ensuring that producers receive price premiums from consumers through traceable trading systems; Sustainable trade relationships; Ensuring fair and decent working conditions; Ensuring environmental development through ecologically sustainable production.

GreenFair offers you two kind of famous teas: Shan Tea & Oolong Tea. Our teas are certified both Organic and Fair-trade. You fairly buy this product and contribute to the development of ethnic poor people through the fair trade premium fund.

Shan Tea: Also known as “Snow Mountain”, the Shan Tea is grown at above 1500m altitude and handy picked for one bud and two leaves which generates natural sweet and pure flavour. It gives a rich, chewy mouth-feel and an exceptional persistent, pure taste. Our tea is directly sourced from Fair Trade and organic tea producers so you are promoting better lives and heritage of H’mong and Dado ethnic people in Yen Bai province, Lao Cai province and Ha Giang province inVietnam.

1 - Black tea, green tea, white tea




  • Certification: Organic and Fair trade
  • Capacity: 57 tons/year
  • Source: Van Chan Bio-Farm club, Yen Bai province, Vietnam (FLO ID4435)

Oolong Tea: Grown in Moc Chau Plateau at altitude of 1250 meters, North West region of Vietnam, tea is picked with one bud and two leaves with clean cropping and processing. Our Oolong tea is exclusive tea originated from specious tea breed, which makes the flavor pure and light sweet for your best pleasure. 


2 - Oolong tea (Organic)


  • Certification: Organic
  • Capacity: 20 MT/year
  • Source: Lam Dong province, Vietnam


3 - Oolong Tea


  • Certification: Viet Gap
  • Capacity: 40 MT/year
  • Source: Moc Chau province, Vietnam
    Minimum order for export: 2MT
    Packed in cotton box


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