Special Ô Loong Tea in wood box

89,000 VNĐ

Special Oolong MộcChâu, “King of Tea”

Wood box of 100 g

Greenfair offers you this finest Oolong Tea in its elegant wood box (100gr) to preserve the aromas of your tea for a long time.

Grown in Moc Chau Plateau at altitude of 1250 meters, North West region of Vietnam, tea is picked with one bud and two leaves with clean cropping and processing. Our Oolong tea is exclusive tea origined from specious tea breed, which makes the flavour pure and light sweet for your best pleasure. 

Within Hanoi:Free if order above 1.000.000 VND
Outside Hanoi, within Vietnam: Shipping cost: 100.000 VND/order less than 5 kg

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